Who we are


GUREAK is a basque Company group that generates and manages stable work opportunities that are conveniently adapted to people with disabilities, mainly for people with mental disabilities in Gipuzkoa. GUREAK is a solid and diversified group with presence mainly in the sectors of industry, services and marketing. Our business and activities are competitive and pursue the highest quotas of social profitability and efficiency in management.

GUREAK MARKETING is one of the 4 divisions of Gureak. Our challenge focuses on offering an integral marketing service to our clients, looking for profitability of projects offering a CUSTOM service and through ONE ONLY LISTENER. We have more than 35 years in the marketing sector which has allowed us to evolve and update our integral offer, adapting ourselves to the new communication age. We have for that a MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM that specializes in each project and client.

Our principles sustain in SOLIDITY, linked to the sustain growth demonstrated during 40 years, with power of investment and getting in new markets, QUALITY, understood as proffesionalism and sustained by certificates of Quality, Environment and Prevention through the DNV; and INNOVATION, learning constantly in the escorting of our clients, being proactive and investing in new products, services and workflows.